Leg Pain Stretches

19 May 2017 03:51
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These stretches are miracles. I used to think sciatic nerve pain was going to be a huge problem in my work and personal life but now whenever I feel the pain I do these stretches and I feel relief immediately. I do that first stretch and hold it in position on and off for a couple of hours and the pain will be completely gone and will not return for months. If anyone reading this has sciatica I urge them to do this, it's a real game changer!

Sciatic pain usually occurs in the buttocks area, and it can often be caused from a tight muscle in the buttocks area called the piriformis muscle. People often describe the pain as achy, shooting, heavy, and just a pain in the butt…literally. This video will show you some simple stretches to keep the pressure off that sciatic nerve!

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